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Yvonne Stolz-Longaker
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73107 Eschenbach Germany
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General Terms and Conditions (1.1.2017)

Apura Yoga offers Surf & Yoga Retreats as well as Yoga & Meditation Retreats. Everything Apura Yoga offers to its customers is displayed fully on the website.

1. Registration and deposit

1.1. Registration is carried out in written form (via mail or email). Registration is binding upon reception of the letter or email by Apura Yoga. For Apura Yoga it is binding when the confirmation and the bill are sent to the customer.

1.2. Upon receiving the confirmation email and bill, 20 % of the retreat amount is due immediately. The remaining amount has to be paid 15 days before the retreat or workshop starts.

1.3. If Apura Yoga does not receive a deposit within five days after sending the confirmation, the company has the right to deny the client the participation of the retreat and to charge a 10% of the retreat fee for handling costs.


2.1. The client expressively declares that from a medical point of view there are no objections to the client exercising the sport of surfing and / or yoga and / or meditation or any other activity that is part of the retreat program. Furthermore, the client expressively declares that in case of the participation in surf classes, he or she is a proficient swimmer.

2.2. The participation in all activities like surfing, yoga, meditation or any other sport are at one’s own risk

2.3 Apura Yoga Retreats are only for full age participants (minimum age 18 years).


 3. Offered Services

The retreat price contains services which are displayed in the confirmation email / bill. Apura Yoga reserves the right to declare a change of the services provided in the information on the homepage for factually justifiable, significant and unforeseeable reasons if they do not diminish the quality of the retreat. Arrival and departure as well as airfare have to be organized by the participants themselves and are not part of the services offered by Apura Yoga.


4. Cancellation by the retreat participant

4.1. The participant can cancel the retreat participation at any time. The cancellation is required in written form.  In this case, or in the case of non-participation of a booked retreat, the participant is obliged to pay a fee to Apura Yoga.

4.2. The cancellation fee is dependent on the retreat price and the following rules:
Up to 60 days before the start of the retreat 50 Euros
Up to 30 days before the start of the retreat 25% of the retreat price
Up to 15 days before the start of the retreat 50% of the retreat price
From the 14th day on 100% of the retreat price

4.3. Apura Yoga calculates the fees based upon the date of the reception of the cancellation letter or email.

4.4. Alternatively, the participant who wishes to cancel the retreat could provide another person who takes the retreat place and accords with the Apura Yoga requirements for retreat participants (minimum age 18, healthy and physically able to do surfing/yoga/meditation).

4.5. Apura Yoga retains the right to claim payment of the retreat price also in the event of encumbered physical damage due to our fault.

5. Cancellation by Apura Yoga

Apura Yoga can cancel the retreat or back out of the service contract under the following circumstances:

5.1. Cancellation due to insufficient participants
In case a retreat is advertised with a minimum amount of participants on the website and on the confirmation letter, Apura Yoga retains the right to cancel the retreat should the minimum amount of participants not be reached. Advanced payments of the participants will be refunded immediately.

5.2. Cancellation of the contract due to extraordinary events
If the retreat cannot take place due to an extraordinary event (epidemics, severe storms, catastrophes, war, …) or there is unreasonable danger, Apura Yoga retains the right to cancel the retreat with immediate effect.
The participants will be refunded after deducting the costs of Apura Yoga’s event.
5.3 Exclusion from the retreat
If a participant continues to disturb the retreat severely even after a warning from Apura Yoga, the company retains the right to exclude the participant from the retreat immediately and the retreat price will not be refunded.


6. Liability
6.1. Apura Yoga is not liable for accidents, obstructions to traffic, delays and related changes in schedule, as well as for follow up costs, which the participant of the retreat might suffer.

6.2. The participation in the surf lessons, meditation lessons and yoga lessons as well as any other activity offered in the retreat takes place at the participant’s own risk. The participant acknowledges that participation in yoga or surf classes exposes him/her to a possible risk of personal injury. The participant is fully aware of the risk and Apura Yoga is released of any and all liability, negligence or other claims arising from or in any way connected with the participation in the retreat.

6.3. The liability of Apura Yoga does not include any hazards or dangers that are typically related to surfing, yoga, meditation or any other activity that is offered during a retreat. Apura Yoga is furthermore not liable for any damage that the participant might suffer from other participants or a third party.

6.4. Apura Yoga is not liable for any impairments of the performance any services of a third party that are merely arranged by Apura Yoga but not performed by Apura Yoga itself (i.e. flights, sport events, excursions, accommodation,…)

6.5. Liability for loss or damage of the participant’s property or belongings by Apura Yoga is excluded.

6.6. Surf and yoga material and any other equipment that is provided by Apura Yoga or a third party should be treated with care by the participant. The participant will be held liable for any damage or loss.


7. Limitation of liability
The contractual liability of Apura Yoga for contractual claims for damages of the participant is confined to the retreat price as far as damage has not been caused neither wilfully and knowingly nor grossly negligent.


 9. Changes in event schedules

Changes in the program or schedule can sometimes not be avoided. In the case of hazardous weather or swell conditions, the program (surfing in particular) can be changed and substituted by another activity. In this case, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the retreat price or a part thereof.


10. Warranty

10.1. In the case of a fault in performance, the participant agrees to Apura Yoga delivering sufficient service or improving the inadequate service within an appropriate time limit instead of his claiming a full refund or a reduction in price.

10.2. In the case of a fault in performance, Apura Yoga shall either rectify the default, or shall provide service that is of equivalent or higher value with the original service, in agreement with the customer.

10.3. The participant is obligated to cooperate in the framework of legal regulations in case there is a fault in performance to prevent any further damages or to keep them minor.

10.4. The participant is obliged to inform Apura Yoga of his complaint immediately and on the spot. Apura Yoga can refuse the remedy should if require disproportionate costs.


11. Exclusion and limitation of claims

11.1. The participant is obliged to assert claims regarding deficient services, belated impossibility and neglect of additional duties to Apura Yoga immediately and on the spot.


12. Severability clause

If any of these Terms and Conditions are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from this clause and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive, remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable. ______________________________________________________________________________

13. Legal venue
Legal venue is Goeppingen

Dr. Yvonne Stolz-Longaker and Donovan Longaker
73107 Eschenbach


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