Apura Yoga Lisbon Guerrilla Yoga retreat

This year Apura Yoga is offering something special in Lisbon. We call it the Guerilla Yoga retreat because during a 5 day period we take you to the streets of Lisbon to do yoga in some of the most breathtaking places of the city. We have scouted out the whole city of Lisbon and all of its hidden corners to be able to bring you to some amazing and historical spots. On this retreat you will not just be any ordinary tourist in Lisbon, you will learn to know this beautiful city like the back of your hand. Come and join us on this magical adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

Each morning we will practice a nice refreshing Vinyasa yoga session before breakfast. After that we have a nice breakfast and then pack the mats and check out the different Lisbon Bairros. We give you a nice tour of each area and a brief history each day. In the afternoons you are free to wander around and then in the evening before sunset we meet once again to do yoga in a special location we have scouted out somewhere in the city. In the evenings we are also free to wander around and possibly check out a live Fado event or other night life.

There will be no accommodation provided on this retreat. You are welcome to stay anywhere you would like to in Lisbon. We can recommend places for you to stay, but we also will be doing our yoga practice in the morning at Lisb’on hostel which overlooks the Tejo River. If you would like to book with them directly or get other information about nice locations, just contact us and we will send you the itinerary.

The Lisbon Guerrilla Yoga retreat location of where we will do the yoga each day is a surprise, but the retreat itself will take place for 5 days (Mon-Fri) in Lisbon. Our meeting point each morning is in Lisb’on hostel where we will do yoga each morning looking out over the riverTejo. Once we have registered you in our program we will send out an itinerary of where we meet each day and what part of Lisbon we explore.

Food will not be provided on this event. We suggest that you book your accommodations with Lisb’on Hostel under our name so that they can provide you with a breakfast service. They also have a full kitchen which is available for use.

Yvonne Stolz-Longaker– Originally comes from a small town in Germany called Eschenbach. She has been practicing yoga for 14 years now and has been teaching yoga internationally. She completed her Ph.D studies in 2012 as an Economic Historian and from there traveled to Portugal where she met her soon to be husband Donovan. Together they created Apura Yoga. Yvonne is also a consultant, coach, Reiki practitioner and CEO of Apura Consult. She has been practicing Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition for the past 4 years now and is also a teacher in mindfulness and meditation. She is also an awesome surfer and is licensed from the International Surfing Association to teach surfing as well as the Yoga Alliance Certification program.
Donovan Longaker– Originally from Santa Cruz, California. Donovan has been doing yoga now for over 18 years of his life. He has been teaching Vinyasa style yoga for the past 6 years throughout the world and is certified with the Yoga Alliance Certification program. Donovan was raised in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition as a young child and has received instruction on meditation from many great teachers over the years. He completed a 3 year Buddhist retreat in the South of France in 2010. Donovan is also an avid surfer and has been surfing for most of his life. Licensed with the International Surfing Association, he has been teaching for many years. Donovan is passionate about teaching and loves the most to see the smiles on people’s faces the first time they catch a wave.


Lisbon Guerilla Yoga Retreat 2017
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  • 5x Vinyasa flow mornings Yoga every morning in various locations thoughout Lisbon
  • 5x Vinyasa flow evenings Wander through different bairos of Lisbon and do yoga with amazing sunsets and views
  • Extra activities including surfing, biking, tuk tuk tours, museums
  • Night life activities such as Fado, bairo alto, clubs