Surf SUP and Yoga are offered in our Oceanlovers Week in Peniche, Portugal. For all who want to explore the ocean in different ways and play big time. We had many requests in the last years in our SUP and yoga retreats if we could also offer surfing during the week. So this year we decided to combine both together.We are calling this week the Ocean Lovers Week. During the week we explore all the elements that the ocean can offer by spending a few days riding the waves, and a couple of days on top of the water to get a different perspective of the ocean. There is also the opportunity to practice some yoga on the SUP’s at the end of each session so you can finally master riding a wave in a headstand position. 🙂 Surf SUP and Yoga with us!

The Apura Yoga Surf SUP and Yoga retreat begins each morning rolling out the yoga mats and wake up our bodies with some sun salutes. After the practice, we have a nice, yummy breakfast. Then we head out for surfing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a  2 hour session of both practical and theoretical surf instruction. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet with our crew to get the SUP material and get to our location for the day. Once we are there we will do a 2 hour SUP session on flat water. Within this 2 hours we learn proper paddling techniques and how to get balance and control of the SUP board. Part of the session will also be spent learning how to practice yoga on the board so that by the end of the week we have an understanding of how to hold each asana on the board properly. The afternoons and evenings are free for you to explore the beautiful laid back atmosphere of the Surfer’s Town Peniche.

The accommodation for the Surf SUP and Yoga retreat in Peniche, Portugal is in a beautiful house on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. There is an ocean view from the deck where we will be practicing yoga every morning. The house comes fully equipped with everything you need from bathing towels to cookware. There are single and double rooms available. The beach is only a few minutes walk away and the house also comes with free Wifi. This amazing part of the Silver Coast of Portugal with its stunning landscapes, nice fishing towns and the Surf City Peniche is really an incredible place to spend a holiday.

On the Surf SUP and Yoga Retreat, every day there is a yummy homemade and delicious breakfast provided as well as lunch packs. You also have access to a fully equipped kitchen, supermarkets are close by, as well as wonderful restaurants where you can explore the Portuguese Cuisine.

The Surf SUP and Yoga Retreat contains 10 sessions of yoga. The yoga is Vinyasa style with incorporated elements of Hatha yoga. Every morning we begin with some Pranayama to increase the amount of oxygen we can bring into our bodies and also to clean out the stale air. The yoga allows us to increase our blood flow and awaken our muscles for the day. Once the class is finished we will give a short guided meditation to allow the mind to settle, become clear and joyful.

Your yoga teachers are Yvonne Stolz-Longaker who originally comes from a small town in Germany called Eschenbach. She has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has been teaching over a 1000 hours in retreats, studios and private sessions. Yvonne is also a consultant, systemic coach, reiki practitioner and founder of Apura Consult. She practices Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition and teaches mindfulness and meditation. She is also an awesome surfer and is licensed from the International Surfing Association to teach surfing as well as the Yoga Alliance Certification program.

Donovan Longaker– Originally from Santa Cruz, California. Donovan has been doing yoga now for over 18 years of his life. He has been teaching Vinyasa style yoga for the past 6 years throughout the world and is certified with the Yoga Alliance Certification program. Donovan was raised in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition as a young child and has received instruction on meditation from many great teachers over the years. He completed a 3 year Buddhist retreat in the South of France in 2010. Donovan is also an avid surfer and has been teaching surfing as an internationally licensed instructor for many years. He is passionate about teaching and loves the most to see the smiles on people’s faces the first time they catch a wave.

The surf in Peniche is amazing and with our 3 day surf program you will learn and practice everything that you need to know in a short amount of time to be ready to surf on green waves. If you are an already an experienced surfer you are more than welcome to join us on the outside to catch some nice rides. The Stand Up Paddle boarding is on the open ocean and we also teach you everything that you need to know about proper paddling, standing and maybe even catching waves. We also practice a bit of yoga on the boards so you will feel very comfortable with SUPing on the ocean by the end of the week.


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 5x Vinyasa yoga in the mornings
  • 3x surf lessons with ISA instructors
  • 2x SUP classes from certified SUP instructors
  • 2x Vinyasa yoga on the SUP
  • Breakfast and lunch packs
  • Stand up paddle materials and surf materials
  • Yoga materials
  • Bikes
  • Free Wifi

Surf SUP and Yoga Retreat for Ocean Lovers
Date 2017
Surf SUP and Yoga Retreat for Ocean Lovers
July 2nd-9th  
Room Price  
Shared Room 699 Euros  
Double room 749 Euros  
Single room 849 Euros  
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  • -7 nights accommodation amazing breakfast and lunch pack
  • The Yoga -5x Vinyasa yoga in the mornings
  • Surfing -3x per week with materials and instructors
  • SUP -2x per week with materials and instructor