Yoga for skiing and snowboarding and for other winter lovers in beautiful Obergurgl, situated in the Austrian Alps of Tyrol. This event is open to the anyone and the yoga classes are FREE!!! Come and join us for some amazing sessions on the mountain before you hit the 3000m slopes.

Yoga for skiing and snowboarding can help with many aspects of your skiing or snowboarding such as:

  • Strengthens the muscles and allows for more flexibility
  • Minimizes the risk of injuries when you warm up the muscles before you start your day
  • Allows for more concentration on the slopes which helps to avoid accidents
  • Helps the muscles to recover quicker by removing the lactic acid after a cool down yoga session
  • Yoga helps with your balance which is important for all skiers and snowboarders

This year we are offering two events tailored to ski and snowboarders on the slopes in Obergurgl with Apura Yoga trainers

This event will be free to everyone and is held in Piccards Haal in Obergurgl, Austria

January 15-22nd Yoga in the Powder Week
April   16th-23rd Yoga in the Alps

Two times per day we offer a yoga for skiing and snowboarding. In the mornings we will be teaching yoga in a vinyasa flow style for your body to warm up and be fit for the slopes. In the evenings we will be doing a yoga cool down session which is more of a restorative style of yoga with components of yin yoga. This way you will be completely prepared for a new day of flying down the pistes. Remember that this event is free for everyone so take advantage to treat yourself and to experience the effect that yoga can have on your skiing or snowboarding.

Get out of your comfort zone and come to the Austrian Alps in Obergurgl where you get even more out of your ski or snowboard vacation with Apura Yoga.

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